You have reached the web page for the Berkeley Course in Applied Geophysics. The course is part of instructional offerings of the Applied Geophysics program in GeoEngineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

     The text and interactive models are derived from course notes and programs developed by Frank Morrison, Alex Becker, and students in the Engineering Geoscience (now Applied Geophysics) group at Berkeley. The current web course is being designed and maintained by Erika Gasperikova.

     You are welcome to use the Berkeley Course in Applied Geophysics for personal or class study. Please acknowledge the source if you use any of the material. It is a work in progress. New interactive models will be added, existing ones may be replaced at any time, and the text is being continuously corrected, modified, and expanded.

     Your editorial comments, suggestions, and corrections would be greatly appreciated. If you have models, dynamic illustrations, etc. in Java (applets, servlets) we would consider adding them to the course. Please, address your comments, suggestions, etc. to email Erika Gasperikova.

Last update: September 2018
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